(26/3/2024) How do we know that these pieces of wood are from Jesus' cross?
(21/3/2024) Pope Francis celebrates release of kidnapped religious in Haiti
(16/3/2024) Read the letter that St. Teresa of Avila wrote to the King of Spain in 1576
(11/3/2024) Pope Francis calls on Church to “rebuild lives shattered by abuse and heal pain”
(6/3/2024) Pope Francis will hear confessions in a parish in Rome this Friday
(1/03/2024) Self-centeredness, lack of empathy are consequences of being driven by envy
(25/2/2024) A Vaticannun has beennamedoneofthewomenoftheyearby Forbes Magazine
(19/2/2024) Pope Francis to embark on yet another trip this year: Venice
(14/2/2024) Another milestone completed in Notre Dame Cathedral's reconstruction
(9/2/2024) Vatican doctrine office warns priests who use excessive creativity with sacraments
(4/2/2024) Pope Francis proposes two “recipes” to fight the vice of anger
(30/1/2024) Pope Francis dedicates catechesis to the vice of greed
(25/1/2024) Pope Francis: “Lust poisons the purity of love”
(20/1/2024) Where will Pope Francis travel in 2024?
(15/1/2024) What to expect at the Vatican in 2024
(15/1/2024) What to expect at the Vatican in 2024
(10/1/2024) Artists have a chance to win $130,000 and have work displayed in St. Peter's Basilica
(5/1/2024) Michelangelo's secret room is now open to the public in Florence
(25/3/2024) Musical of Marian apparitions in Lourdes travels to the Eternal City
(20/3/2024) Pope Francis to publish an apostolic letter for the Jubilee of 2025
(15/3/2024) Oneartistfoundthe true meaningofpainting in a letterfrom Pope John Paul II
(10/3/2024) Pope Francis will visit a women's prison on Holy Thursday
(5/3/2024) Here's what Pope Francis' Holy Week schedule will look like
(29/2/2024) Pope Francis suspends activities another day due to “mild flu symptoms, no fever”
(23/2/2024) Next on the Pope's watch-list: a documentary about the reality of the priesthood
(18/2/2024) Catechesis on vices: the “noonday devil”
(13/2/2024) Jubilee Backpack: the pilgrim kit for the Holy Year of 2025
(8/2/2024) Dancing dragons filled Apostolic Palace in meeting with Pope Francis
(3/2/2024) Pope Francis: trip to Argentina is “between parentheses”
(29/1/2024) Over 16,000 seats filled for concert of this Catholic youth music group
(24/1/2024) Pope Francis: “Have we settled into a faith made up of habits ”
(19/1/2024) Almost 300 years later, Bernini's canopy in St. Peter's Basilica is getting a face lift
(14/1/2024) The story behind the rosary on Pope Francis' nightstand
(14/1/2024) The story behind the rosary on Pope Francis' nightstand
(9/1/2024) Pope Francis remembers those who are persecuted for their faith
(4/1/2024) Theater of Roman Emperor Nero discovered just a few hundred feet from the Vatican
(24/3/2024) Record Easter almost half a million people will pass through Rome in 2024
(19/3/2024) Full house at Fulton Sheen documentary premiere in New York City
(14/3/2024) Pope says everyone should work for “concrete recognition of the equal dignity of women”
(9/3/2024) Vatican announces 2024 theme for World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly
(4/3/2024) Tombs of early Christians in Rome are free for the public for one day
(28/2/2024) Bernini's 17th century canopy in St. Peter's Basilica now under scaffolding
(22/2/2024) Pope Francis' audiences suspended for annual Lenten Spiritual Exercises
(17/2/2024) Pope Francis “I think of countries at war, where human rights are violated ”
(12/2/2024) Martin Scorsese: a regular at the Vatican & a familiar face for the Pope
(7/2/2024) Let go of idols & rethink lifestyle: Pope Francis’ challenge for Lent 2024
(2/2/2024) Pope Francis joins children of the “Caravan of Peace” in praying for an end to wars
(28/1/2024) Pope Francis challenges people to not remain “deaf” to Word of God
(23/1/2024) Goats, cows & donkeys fill the plaza outside of St Peter's Square
(18/1/2024) Pope Francis speaks about trials of Christians during 1st General Audience of 2024
(13/1/2024) Hollywood star Shia LeBeouf joins Catholic Church after “Padre Pio” role
(13/1/2024) Hollywood star Shia LeBeouf joins Catholic Church after “Padre Pio” role
(8/1/2024) Pope Francis begins a new cycle of catechesis focused on vices and virtues
(3/1/2024) Pope Francis expresses concern for persecuted Church in Nicaragua
(23/3/2024) Here are the 10 topics Pope Francis wants studied following this phase of the Synod
(18/3/2024) This is how Pope Francis looks 11 years after his election
(13/3/2024) Pope says vice of pride destroys human relationships
(8/3/2024) Pope Francis remembers 80th anniversary of death of the first beatified family
(3/3/2024) 5 years later, young people remember the letter the Pope addressed to them
(27/2/2024) What is the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter?
(21/2/2024) Pope Francis offers Lenten challenge: “Remove the masks we often wear”
(16/2/2024) Former Director of the Vatican Museums dies at 84
(11/2/2024) 50 Anglican and Catholic bishops release statement on “walk towards reconciliation”
(6/2/2024) Pope Francis urges all to join in fight against human trafficking
(1/2/2024) Pope Francis: “This is distorted religiosity—one based on possessions instead of giving”
(27/1/2024) Pope Francis inaugurates the “Year of Prayer” in preparation for the Jubilee of 2025
(22/1/2024) Pope Francis warns against biblical studies outside of the Catholic Church
(17/1/2024) Pope Francis declares Ernesto Cofiño, fatherofpediatrics in Guatemala, venerable
(12/1/2024) Pope Francis baptizes 16 children in the Sistine Chapel
(12/1/2024) Pope Francis baptizes 16 children in the Sistine Chapel
(7/1/2024) What comes next in the Church's synodal process?
(2/1/2024) 'Pope Francis: “Whoever wounds a single woman profanes God”
(22/3/2024) “The Christian life requires simplicity and, at the same time, cleverness”
(17/3/2024) Pope says virtues are not simply “improvised” but take “exercise and training”
(12/3/2024) Pope Francis: “The female contribution is more indispensable than ever”
(7/3/2024) Pope Francis calls for humanitarian aid in Gaza following U.S. shipment of food
(2/3/2024) Catholic prayer app airs Super Bowl ad, reaches 100+ million people
(26/2/2024) Sting holds concert in a prison with instruments made from migrant boats
(20/2/2024) Film awards give cinematic voice to catholicism
(15/2/2024) Pope Francis encourages audience to confront sadness
(10/2/2024) Pope Francis challenges University of Notre Dame staff to “help young people dream”
(5/2/2024) Pope Francis warns against neglecting interior life & adapting to worldly lifestyle
(31/1/2024) Pope Francis will travel to Trieste, Italy and begin visiting parishes again
(26/1/2024) New animated film about Jesus features professionals from Disney and Pixar
(21/1/2024) Pope Francis says our level of consumerism is destroying the planet
(16/1/2024) The Face of the Faceless: the film about Sr. Rani Maria, an Indian martyr killed in 1995
(11/1/2024) Pope Francis challenges thousands to “take the risk of service”
(11/1/2024) Pope Francis challenges thousands to “take the risk of service”
(6/1/2024) One day at the Swiss Guard barracks
(1/1/2024) Discover the ancient cemetery of Roman emperors under Vatican garage