(31/12/2023) Vatican and South Korea working to strengthen relations before WYD 2027
(27/12/2023) The Vatican going green: new sustainability program released
(23/12/2023) Basilica of Sagrada Familia illuminates towers of four evangelists for first time
(19/12/2023) Pope Francis celebrates his 87th birthday with children of families in need
(15/12/2023)Pope Francis celebrates Feast of Immaculate Conception after almost two weeks of illness
(11/12/2023) The Vatican will unveil the 2023 Christmas tree and nativity scene on Saturday
(7/12/2023) Pope Francis' health improves but he does not pray the Angelus in St. Peter's Square
(3/12/2023) Vatican restores work by Pinturicchio, one of the great Renaissance artists
(30/11/2023) Vatican says Pope Francis' health condition is clearly improving
(30/12/2023) This is where Pope Francis wants to be buried
(26/12/2023) Vatican Museums exhibits life-size replica of the Barque of St Peter
(22/12/2023) Why Pope Francis has reformed the Pontifical Academy of Theology
(18/12/2023) Pope Francis delivers final catechesis on apostolic zeal
(14/12/2023) Vatican inaugurates nativity scene that reflects the first one in history
(10/12/2023) Special indulgence granted to Catholics this Christmas season
(6/12/2023) Pope Francis inaugurates Dubai “Faith Pavilion” with video message
(2/12/2023) Vatican to host concert with renowned Italian artists for 3,000 people living in poverty
(29/11/2023) What will Pope Francis' trip to Dubai look like if he feels better?
(29/12/2023) Pope Francis on Christmas: no to arms, no to war
(25/12/2023) Greatest story ever told now with a modern, musical twist in Journey to Bethlehem
(21/12/2023) Vatican Museums to introduce new measures in preparation for 2025 Jubilee
(17/12/2023) Nearly 7 million visitors: Vatican Museums numbers climb back up to pre-pandemic times
(13/12/2023) Pope Francis: “We must imitate creativity and simplicity” in evangelization
(9/12/2023) Portuguese artist paints smiling saints “No one wants to follow miserable people”
(5/12/2023) Pope's planned speech encourages audience to not “grow discouraged in these times”
(1/12/2023) Pope Francis: it is “urgent to educate…men capable of healthy relationships”
(29/11/2023) Updates on Pope Francis' health
(28/12/2023) The medieval Roman church where St. Benedict lived
(24/12/2023) Artificial intelligence: Pope Francis focus for the 57th World Day of Peace
(20/12/2023) Pope Francis remembers two women killed in Gaza parish
(16/12/2023) "The message of Guadalupe cannot be used for ideologies or to make money"
(12/12/2023) Pope Francis to preside at Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe
(8/12/2023) Rome revives its Spanish past through the great composers of the 16th century
(4/12/2023) Ratzinger Prize is now a “gathering in his memory” one year after Benedict XVI's death
(30/11/2023) Pope Francis cancels trip to Dubai due to health problems
(28/11/2023) Pope Francis is concern that there is more work for veterinarians than pediatricians
(27/11/2023) Pope's catechesis on apostolic zeal: why should we evangelize everyone?
(26/11/2023) Veil of Veronica: the revolutionary technique that Michelangelo criticized
(25/11/2023) Possible miracle could lead to the canonization of former Opus Dei leader
(24/11/2023) Pope Francis praises witness of 20 martyrs recently beatified in Spain
(23/11/2023) Pope Francis warns against rejecting one's roots, saying it kills society
(22/11/2023) Pope Francis: “Poverty is modest…we must go after it boldly”
(21/11/2023) Pope Francis reflects on the passion for evangelization and the need for joy
(20/11/2023) Churches in Jerusalem decide to celebrate an austere Christmas
(19/11/2023) The house where Pope Benedict XVI lived will again become space for contemplative life
(18/11/2023) Meet the 15 year old who runs a handmade rosary business
(17/11/2023) The first Catholic nun to become a doctor
(16/11/2023) Pope Francis will address world leaders at the COP28 conference in Dubai on December 2
(15/11/2023)“Enough brothers, enough.”
(14/11/2023) Pope Francis reflects on life of French woman ...
(13/11/2023) Vatican Museums open two new rooms that reveal window into the past
(12/11/2023) "Let us pray for the strength to say 'enough is enough'"
(11/11/2023) “And when you get angry, how do you calm down?”
(10/11/2023) You can now download the official app for the Jubilee of 2025
(9/11/2023) Pope Francis remembers Benedict XVI: “a humble laborer in the vineyard of the Lord”
(8/11/2023) Pope Francis on All Saints Day: “The saints were not unreachable or distant heroes”
(7/11/2023) Pope Francis dedicates his weekly catechesis to two evangelizers of the East
(6/11/2023) Pope Francis on All Souls Day: “There are so many tears in these stolen lives”
(5/11/2023) Who will decide how to finish the Sagrada Família?
(4/11/2023) Grammy award-winning artist: "God had prepared me to serve with music"
(3/11/2023) Pope Francis at Synod close: the "everlasting reform" ...
(2/11/2023) “Ceasefire!” Pope Francis calls for humanitarian aid to be allowed to enter Gaza
(1/11/2023) Final Synod document covers controversial issues & highlights fraternity
(31/10/2023) Pope asks for intercession of Mary to “touch the hearts of those imprisoned by hatred”
(30/10/2023) Pope Francis: "Efforts must be made to broaden regular migration channels"
(29/10/2023) Synod members send unpredecented letter to the Christian community
(28/10/2023) Pope Francis dedicates General Audience to St. Charles de Foucauld
(27/10/2023) Pope Francis' renewed appeal for peace: “Brothers, stop!”
(26/10/2023) Pope: "I encourage the release of the hostages and ...
(25/10/2023) Vatican Candlelight Rosary procession offered for peace in the Middle East
(24/10/2023) From religious sister to Nobel Prize winner: the life of Mother Teresa
(23/10/2023) Vatican Archive documents uncover new facts of Pius XII and the Jews during Nazi regime
(22/10/2023) First Protestant in Vatican newspaper: "Francis is Bergoglio, but with some changes"
(21/10/82023) The courage of the Sudanese Saint: Josephine Bakhita
(20/10/2023) Pope Francis: “Please do everything possible to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.”
(19/10/2023) Israel calls for Vatican to issue “clear condemnation” of Hamas terrorist group
(18/10/2023) Pope Francis: “Please, let no more innocent blood be shed”
(17/10/2023)Nobel Prize winner and other activists meet at Vatican to discuss Pope's new exhortation
(16/10/2023) “Hatred will increase and the ensuing spiral of violence will create more destruction”
(15/10/2023)“Fasting from the public word”: The unprecedented silence of the Synod
(14/10/2023) Three priorities to be discussed during the month-long Synod in Rome
(13/10/2023) The Vatican & the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
(12/10/2023)St. Peter's Basilica: prayer events in October to bring pilgrims, Synod members together
(11/10/2023) Pope Francis: This is “a synod that all the bishops of the world wanted”
(12/10/2023)St. Peter's Basilica: prayer events in October to bring pilgrims, Synod members together
(11/10/2023) Pope Francis: This is “a synod that all the bishops of the world wanted”
(10/10/2023) Pope Francis inaugurates Synod marked by controversy: “It is not an ideological battle”
(9/10/2023) Pope Francis recalls recent trip to Marseille during his weekly catechesis
(12/10/2023)St. Peter's Basilica: prayer events in October to bring pilgrims, Synod members together
(11/10/2023) Pope Francis: This is “a synod that all the bishops of the world wanted”
(10/10/2023) Pope Francis inaugurates Synod marked by controversy: “It is not an ideological battle”
(9/10/2023) Pope Francis recalls recent trip to Marseille during his weekly catechesis
(8/10/2023) Pope Francis publishes critical document on man's responsibility to care for the climate
(7/10/2023)Pope Francis at ecumenical prayer vigil: “Silence is essential in the life of the Church”
(6/10/2023) Excitement fills St. Peter's Square as Pope Francis creates 21 new cardinals
(5/10/2023) This is how the College of Cardinals will look after the September 30th consistory
(4/10/2023) Hakuna: the youth music community born after World Youth Day Brazil
(3/10/2023) One month after a young woman regained her sight at WYD: "Doctors are surprised"
(2/10/2023) Two bishops from China to participate in Synod on Synodality in Rome
(1/10/2023) Laudate Deum: the newest papal document
(30/9/2023) Pope Francis reflects on Italian missionary's fight for human dignity in Africa
(29/9/2023) Pope Francis reflects on his trip to Marseille, France: ...
(28/9/2023) Pope Francis remembers terrorist attack in France in 2016: “Terrorism is cowardly”
(27/9/2023) Pope Francis receives child's life jacket during one of private meetings in Marseille
(26/9/2023) Pope prays in front of memorial dedicated to migrants who died at sea
(25/9/2023) Pope Francis encourages Marseille clergy to serve through the “gaze” of Jesus
(25/9/2023) Pope Francis arrives in Marseille: ...
(24/9/2023) Markowa: the hometown of the Ulma family
(23/9/2023) The Ulma family: murdered by the Nazis for hiding Jews in Poland
(22/9/2023) Mayor of Rome visits construction site: "It will be ready before Jubilee in 2025"
(21/9/2023) Pope Francis calls for "fraternity" to face migration crisis
(20/9/2023) "The dream of peace on the Korean peninsula is always in my thoughts and prayer"
(19/9/2023) Pope Francis remembers the "Doctor of the Poor" José Gregorio Hernández
(18/9/2023) Former President Clinton to hold video meeting with Pope Francis
(17/9/2023) Pope Francis encourages congregation to fight war of poverty with the “epidemic of love”
(16/9/2023) Construction work begins for the 2025 Jubilee
(15/9/2023) Pope Francis' invitation answered: ...
(14/9/2023) Cardinal Zuppi to travel to Beijing from September 13th - 15th
(13/9/2023) Pope Francis asks for prayers for devastating earthquake in Morocco
(12/9/2023) Pope Francis thanks Mongolian hospitality in his weekly catechesis
(11/9/2023) Pope Francis: “Traveling is not as easy as it was in the beginning”
(10/9/2023) Vatican releases a podcast for laity, families and young people
(9/9/2023) Egyptian statues in Vatican Museums recount stories thousands of years old
(8/9/2023) Pope Francis: “The synod is not a television program…it is a religious moment.”
(7/9/2023) Pope Francis' best messages during his trip to Mongolia
(6/9/2023) Excitement for Pope Francis' visit builds in rural Mongolia
(5/9/2023)Pope Francis dispels a myth about charity: “It is not a way of enticing people to join up”
(4/9/2023) Pope Francis extends greeting to Chinese Catholics: “be good Christians and citizens.”
(4/9/2023) Pope Francis extends greeting to Chinese Catholics: “be good Christians and citizens.”
(4/9/2023) Pope Francis to religious leaders: Pope Francis to religious leaders: “...
(3/9/2023) Pope's advice to missionaries in Mongolia: unity with the bishop, silent prayer, poverty
(3/9/2023) Peace, war, religious freedom: Pope Francis' address to Mongolian politicians
(2/9/2023) Pope Francis arrives in Mongolia
(2/9/2023) This Marian statue was found in a garbage dump and will be blessed by the Pope
(1/9/2023) Pope Francis reveals date of publication for second part of Laudato Si': October 4th
(1/9/2023) U.S. capital to host first ever Dominican Rosary Pilgrimage on September 30
(31/8/2023) Pope Francis dedicates his weekly catechesis to Our Lady of Guadalupe
(30/8/2023) Pope Francis to travel to Mongolia where only 1% of the population is Christian
(29/8/2023) Pope Francis expresses his concern about the fires in Europe
(28/8/2023) Pope Francis is writing a second part of his encyclical Laudato si'
(27/8/2023) Young illustrator shares his art with Pope Francis and the world
(26/8/2023) Pope Francis' messages on the tragedy of youth suicide
(25/8/2023) Pope Francis calls for stability in Niger and the Sahel region of Africa
(24/8/2023) 10 years since the first encyclical written by two popes was released
(23/8/2023) What does Pope Francis say about confession?
(22/8/2023) The place where Pope Paul VI watched man land on the moon can now be visited virtually
(21/8/2023) St. Helena: the roots of Jesus' relics in Rome
(20/8/2023) Artificial Intellgience and peace theme for 2024 World Day of Peace
(19/8/2023) Pope Francis warns priests of Rome against temptations from “polite demons”
(18/8/2023) Pope Francis reduces his schedule for the week following WYD in Lisbon
(17/8/2023) "It is an open wound of our humanity"
(16/8/2023) Pope Francis dedicates General Audience to reflecting on World Youth Day
(15/8/2023) College archives reveal heroism of early students
(14/8/2023) Fatima's Sister Lucias is now Venerable
(13/8/2023) Postulator for canonization of Fatima's Sister Lucia “Many tried to discredit her”
(12/8/2023) French President to receive Pope Francis in Marseille during the papal trip
(11/8/2023) Pope Francis resumes his official agenda in August
(10/8/2023) Possible miracle in Fatima: young pilgrim claims to have regained her sight at WYD
(9/8/2023) Why has Sister Lucia of Fatima still not been declared a saint?
(8/8/2023) Pope Francis delivers clear message to 1.5 million youth: “Do not be afraid”
(8/8/2023) Pope Francis compares life to soccer: "Behind a goal, what is there? Training"
(8/8/2023) Pope Francis speaks at Fatima, urges Church to be a place of open doors
(7/8/2023) Pope Francis holds interreligious encounters in Lisbon “I like it when we meet like this”
(7/8/2023) Pope Francis celebrates birthday of Turkish pilgrim in Lisbon
(7/8/2023) Pope Francis unable to finish speech due to vision problems
(7/8/2023) WYD tradition: group of young people share lunch with Pope Francis in Lisbon
(7/8/2023) Pope Francis hears confessions from youth in confessionals made by prisoners
(6/8/2023) Pope Francis visits Portuguese headquarters of Scholas initiative he founded
(6/8/2023) Pope Francis encourages students to “replace fears with dreams”
(5/8/2023) Pope asks young people "not to be afraid, but courageous because God welcomes everyone"
(5/8/2023) Pope asks not to surrender to secularization: "It's like a worm that eats at the soul"
(5/8/2023) High tech open-air venue inaugurated for World Youth Day Lisbon
(4/8/2023) Pope Francis encourages the West to return to its original values
(4/8/2023) World Youth Day brings people from all backgrounds and nationalities to Lisbon
(3/8/2023) Pope jokes with journalists on the plane to Lisbon: "I will return rejuvenated"
(3/8/2023) Sister Clare Crockett and the story of her World Youth Day conversion
(2/8/2023) Pope Francis to return to Fatima during World Youth Day pilgrimage
(2/8/2023) Australia, Toronto, Denver...a mosaic of memories of WYD
(1/8/2023) Pope Francis tells summer camp children: “Grandparents are my superheroes”
(31/7/2023) Special guests join Pope Francis in Apostolic Palace during Sunday Angelus
(30/7/2023) Commission for new martyrs: “through martyrdom, the Church is already one”
(29/7/2023) Reuse & redemption: contemporary art in Vatican Library brings history to life
(28/7/2023) Preparations for the Jubilee of 2025 are underway in Rome
(27/7/2023) Passion of the Christ actor stars in new film about child trafficking
(26/7/2023) Concert brings St John Henry Newman's poem to life in Rome
(25/7/2023) What Pope Francis expects from one of the Vatican's most powerful dicasteries
(24/7/2023) Young Romans prepare for World Youth Day in Portugal
(23/7/2023) World Youth Day revitalizes a run down area in Lisbon
(22/7/2023) The World Youth Day songs that bring young people together from around the globe
(21/7/2023) Music, painting and poetry overflow a Franciscan monastery in Spain
(20/7/2023) Pope Francis meets with 200 artists in the Sistine Chapel
(19/7/2023) Digital missionary on Synod...
(18/7/2023) From cardinals to college students—Vatican releases list of Synod participants
(17/7/2023) Plenary indulgence for the World Day of Grandparents and Elderly on July 23rd
(16/7/2023) Former U S President Bill Clinton meets with Pope Francis in Rome
(15/7/2023) Vatican releases official World Youth Day Lisbon stamp
(14/7/2023) Pope Francis' historic trip to Mongolia comes 31 years ...
(13/7/2023) Pope Francis adds 21 new names to the College of Cardinals
(12/7/2023) Pope Francis announces next consistory for September 30 during the Angelus
(11/7/2023) No official events for Pope Francis in July except for the Sunday Angelus
(10/7/2023) Sea Sunday: the day dedicated to pray for those who work on ships
(9/7/2023) The Pope will travel to Mongolia for the first time in history
(8/7/2023) What is the Council of Cardinals and what does it do
(7/7/2023) Papal envoy, Russian Patriarch call for all the world “to prevent a major armed conflict”
(6/7/2023) Pope Francis on superstitions ”Christians do not believe in magic or horoscopes”
(5/7/2023) Pope Francis meets with CouncilofCardinals for first time after hospitalization
(4/7/2023) “Bring Jesus everywhere” following examples of Sts Peter and Paul on their feast day
(3/7/2023) Pope Francis reflects on St Mary MacKillop, a leader in Catholic education in Australia
(2/7/2023) Newbook recounts Pope Francis' experience with the Devil and other stories of exorcisms
(1/7/2023) The Way movie returns to theaters in the United States with a sequel in the works
(30/6/2023) Pope Francis extends gratitude to war reporters who risk their lives
(29/6/2023) the vatican s mission in moscow is underway
(28/6/2023) Pope Francis warns against“wasting our existence”during Sunday Angelus
(27/6/2023) New document brings up hot button issues for discussion at Synod of Bishops in October
(26/6/2023) Documentary on FBI investigation into Emmy award winning bishop premieres in Texas
(25/6/2023) Pope Francis meets with Brazilian president Lula da Silva
(24/6/2023) Pope Francis' plan to revitalize families
(23/6/2023) Pope Francis returned to work the same day he left the hospital He laughed and joked
(22/6/2023) World Day of the Poor 2023: “Do not turn your face away from anyone who is poor”
(21/6/2023)Pope Francis greeted with standing ovation at his first public appearance after operation
(20/6/2023) Continental phase of Synod calls Christians to actively learn more about the Church
(19/6/2023) Pope Francis discharged from Rome's Gemelli Hospital
(18/6/2023) Vatican warns against division in guidelines for social media use
(17/6/2023) Pope Francis visits cancer patients during his time in hospital
(17/6/2023) The Pope's designer
(16/6/2023) Nobel Prize winners gather in St Peter's Square to sign document on human fraternity
(16/6/2023) Pope Francis could meet with Brazilian president next week
(15/6/2023) Pope's former collaborator on the road to sainthood
(14/6/2023) Pope Francis' doctor “He is not like other 86 year old people”
(13/6/2023) New documentary tells stories of monastic life
(12/6/2023) Pope Francis sends tweet expressing his gratitude for prayers and support
(11/6/2023) PopeFrancis reflects on the life of St Therese of Lisieux
(10/6/2023) Pope Francis' message of hope transmitted to the world from space
(9/6/2023) Pope Francis had a “peaceful night” after his hernia operation
(8/6/2023) Pope Francis' surgeon delivers the good news “the whole world has been waiting for”
(8/6/2023) Pope Francis returns to hospital for surgery
(8/6/2023) Pope Francis arrives to hospital for scheduled check ups
(7/6/2023) Pope Francis during Angelus: The sign of the cross is a reminder of love
(6/6/2023) Pope Francis reflects on missionary life in weekly catechesis
(5/6/2023) Pope Francis meets with Martin Scorsese and other artists “The Church needs your genius”
(4/6/2023) New film reimagines the story of Mother Teresa with a modern twist
(3/6/2023) French soccer legends play against Vatican team
(2/6/2023) Pope Francis reflects on harmony of the Holy Spirit during Pentecost homily
(1/6/2023) PopeFrancis to visit Fatima during his trip to World Youth Day in Lisbon
(31/5/2023) Pope Francis returns to full activity after fever
(30/5/2023) Pope Francis cancels Friday meetings due to fever
(29/5/2023) Pope Francis remembers Korea's first martyred priest
(28/5/2023) 25 new priests from the Prelature of Opus Dei ordained in Rome
(27/5/2023) Malta the island visited by the last three Popes
(26/5/2023) Vatican presents exhibition based on Pope's encyclicals at Venice Architecture Biennale
(25/5/2023) Pope Francis assigns Cardinal Zuppi to lead Vatican's peace mission to Ukraine
(24/5/2023) Pope Francis calls for ceasefire in Sudan
(23/5/2023) How this Spanish city is preparing for World Youth Day
(22/5/2023) Pope Francis' message to the media “Foster communication that helps resolve conflicts”
(21/5/2023) Laywomen and men can now be involved in governing Vatican City State
(20/5/2023) Women's Cry Vatican exhibition highlights women in marginalized areas of the world
(19/5/2023) Pope Francis reflects on the missionary life of St Francis Xavier
(18/5/2023) Pope Francis “With weapons, security and stability will never be achieved”
(17/5/2023) Pope Francis asks for applause for mothers in St Peter's Square
(16/5/2023) Olive tree planted at Vatican to commemorate Pope Francis' gesture of peace in Argentina
(15/5/2023) New SwissGuards swear to protect the Pope and his successors
(14/5/2023) Pope Francis warns Hungarian university students of danger of idolizing technology
(13/5/2023) Pope Francis celebrates 50th anniversary of historic meeting with Coptic Orthodox Pope
(12/5/2023) Candlelight Rosary Procession in St Peter's Square kickstarts month dedicated to Mary
(11/5/2023) Pope Francis: living without a goal or purpose “crushes” life
(10/5/2023) St Peter's Basilica hosts weekly candlelight rosary processions during month of May
(9/5/2023) The best messages from Pope Francis' trip to Hungary
(8/5/2023) PopeFrancis: “it is not enough to fill the stomachs” to help poor and needy
(7/5/2023) Pope Francis says embracing reality in all forms is “the Gospel, pure and simple”
(6/5/2023) Hungarian Prime Minister tells Pope that the country fights to stay on the Christian path
(5/5/2023) Pope Francis calls gender culture a “harmful path of ideological colonization”
(4/5/2023) Pope Francis calls religious the beating heart of the Church
(3/5/2023) St Joseph: “The terror of demons”
(2/5/2023) Couple creates marriage foundation to help others in crisis
(1/5/2023) What happened to Pope Francis' blue checkmark on Twitter
(30/4/2023) Shopping saved a missionary's life in Mozambique
(29/4/2023) Michelangelo's Pietà comes to life in Spain
(28/4/2023) Artist without arms or legs designs Vatican stamps
(27/4/2023) Pope Francis stops Pope mobile to bless couple celebrating 50 years of marriage
(26/4/2023) Pope Francis uses the Missionaries of Charity as an example of evangelization
(25/4/2023) New president of international charity organization places emphasis on teamwork
(24/4/2023) Statues of Padre Pio strangling a devil and two more sculptures unveiled in Italy
(23/4/2023) Pope Francis sends statue of sleeping St Joseph to his parish in Argentina
(22/4/2023) Film on Spanish Saint emphasizes the important role women have in the Church
(21/4/2023) Pope Francis calls martyrs the “true champion of apostolic zeal”
(20/4/2023) Hungarian Ambassador to the Holy See calls papal visit an “affair of the heart”
(19/4/2023) Most memorable trips of Pope Francis' pontificate
(18/4/2023) Over 35 year long Dutch flower tradition continues at VaticanEaster celebration
(17/4/2023) Pope Francis uses example of St. Paul to explain what should "move" an apostle
(16/4/2023) Logo and motto for Pope Francis' trip to Hungary announced
(15/4/2023) Pope Francis will make his second papal trip of 2023 to Hungary
(14/4/2023) Married missionaries start Misericordia Foundation to help the poorest of the poor
(13/4/2023) Pope Francis presides over Easter Masses, despite absence during Way of the Cross
(12/4/2023) Stations of the Cross in Rome highlight “voices of peace in a world at war”
(11/4/2023) Pope celebrates Lord's Passion, pilgrims kiss cross for the first time since pandemic
(10/4/2023) Pope Francis to inmates “Jesus is never afraid of our weaknesses”
(9/4/2023) Pope Francis encourages priests to rediscover their vocation
(9/4/2023) Spanish author argues that “Christianity is not liturgical nonsense”
(8/4/2023) Roman doctor who saved dozens of Jews from the Nazis by inventing a disease
(7/4/2023) The cross, the greatest sign of love
(6/4/2023) PopeFrancis to celebrate Mass in one of Rome's juvenile prisons on HolyThursday
(5/4/2023) Pope Francis explains what Christians can learn from the conversion of St. Paul
(4/4/2023) Pope Francis speaks on issue of youth suicide during Palm Sunday homily
(3/4/2023) Pope Francis to be discharged on Saturday and had pizza dinner with doctors and nurses
(3/4/2023) What to know about Pope Francis' health
(3/4/2023) Pope Francis' condition “progressively improving” after night in Gemelli hospital
(2/4/2023) New book on dialogue with Islam: If I refuse to discuss your opinions, it is not respect
(1/4/2023) New book helps parishes combat haters and navigate internet
(31/3/2023) Pope Francis admitted to Gemelli hospital in Rome
(30/3/2023) Pope Francis' favorite titles of the Virgin Mary
(29/03/2023) Pope Francis prays for those affected by tornado in Mississippi
(28/3/2023) Pope Francis: “Witnessing cannont disregard consistency with one's belief and life”
(27/3/2023) Pope Francis welcomes members of Humanistic Buddhism
(26/3/2023) St. Peter's Basilica introduces monthly Eucharistic adoration
(25/3/2023) Pope Francis says confession is “not to torture but is to give peace”
(24/3/2023) Pope Francis: “Apostles are not only the twelve disciples but all the baptized”
(23/3/2023) Pope Francis prays for Ecuador earthquake victims
(22/3/2023) Two Augustinian sisters say the cloister opens “unexpected horizons”
(21/3/2023) Pope Francis: So many trips in 10 years that equal one to the moon
(20/3/2023) The little known tradition of Laetare Sunday
(19/3/2023) virginmary 's wedding ring and the painting...
(18/3/2023) Jublilee2025 will offer new pilgrimage routes, including churches dedicated to women
(17/3/2023) Heart of first martyr from the U.S. kept with his people in Guatemala
(16/3/2023) PopeFrancis extends gratitude for prayers during his 10th anniversary
(16/3/2023) PopeFrancis extends gratitude for prayers during his 10th anniversary
(15/03/2023) Shrine to first U S born martyr to be dedicated on February 17 in Oklahoma City
(14/3/2023) "Long live the pope!": Thousands celebrate 10th anniversary of Pope Francis' election
(13/3/2023) Francis: the Pope of gestures
(12/03/2023) Pope Francis to preside over "24 Hours for the Lord" initiative in a parish in Romet”
(11/03/2023) Pope Francis: "Evangelizing is not an individual task but an ecclesial service"
(10/3/2023) Nude bust of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI awarded by Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts
(9/3/2023) Pope Francis on Cutro: May the Lord give us the strength to understand and tomourn
(8/3/2023)20230303 Cardinal Cantalamessa:“The problem is not in the novelty but how we deal with it”
(7/3/2023) Blessings: a virtual initiative for spiritual support
(6/3/2023) Pope Francis' messages against ideologies in the Church
(5/3/2023) New book uses graphic visuals to help reader dive deeper into the Bible
(4/3/2023) Pope Francis to representatives of Pontifical Universities: “make a chorus!”
(3/3/2023) Why did Pius XII stay silent on the Holocaust?
(2/3/2023) Pope Francis and Roman Curia begin Lenten Spiritual Exercises
(1/3/2023) New book offers a guide to understand the thinking of Pope Benedict XVI
(28/2/2023) When the Church's mission is extinguished, sterile debates and polarizations arise
(27/2/2023) 365 days since Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Pope Francis' messages of peace
(26/2/2023) Pope Francis calls evangelizing the “primary commitment of pastors and all the faithful”
(25/02/2023) Pope Francis at a congress for the laity: "Ideology in the Church is a plague"
(24/2/2023) Pope Francis: “Let our charity be attentive to others”
(23/2/2023) Pope on Ash Wednesday: We put on make-up to think we are better, but we are dust
(22/2/2023) Pope Francis' message for Lent: “Lenten season is part of the synodal journey”
(21/2/2023) "No one walks alone. The Church is missionary and in mission, she finds unity"
(20/2/2023) Pope Francis sends a delegation to Syria and Turkey to help earthquake victims
(19/2/2023) Children with rare diseases bring their artwork to Pope Francis
(18/2/2023) Pope Francis recalls first game a pope attended: Leo X at the "calcio fiorentino"
(17/2/2023) Pope emeritus biographer: "The book, Jesus of Nazareth, is Ratzinger's life's work"
(16/2/2023) Cardinal Filoni describes Pope emeritus as a “prophet, teacher and father”
(15/2/2023) PopeFrancis mourns the criminal conviction of Nicaraguan Bishop Rolando Álvarez
(14/2/2023) Items stolen 3 decades ago restored and on display in Vatican Museums
(13/2/2023) The best messages from Pope Francis' trip to the D R of Congo and South Sudan
(12/2/2023) ''Heaven Can't Wait,'' the film about Blessed Carlo Acutis
(11/2/2023) "Walking for Dignity": A digital pilgrimage to end human trafficking
(10/2/2023) At General Audience, Pope Francis repeats appeal to end exploitation of Africa
(10/2/2023) Pope Francis prays for the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey
(10/2/2023) "Death to Christians": Concern in the Holy Land over rising attacks on Churches
(10/2/2023) Pope Francis returns to Rome after visiting the D.R. Congo and South Sudan
(9/2/2023) Pope Francis ends trip to South Sudan: "Let us lay down weapons of hatred and revenge"
(9/2/2023) Pope Francis at ecumenical prayer in South Sudan: "A Christian always chooses peace"
(8/2/2023) Pope Francis to internally displaced people: "Women are key to transform South Sudan"
(8/2/2023) Pope Francis on earthquakes in Middle East: "deep sadness for the enormous loss of life"
(7/2/2023) Pope Francis remembers the "Oscar Romero" of Democratic Republic of Congo
(6/2/2023) Pope to DRC bishops: "Church in Africa is a lung that gives oxygen to universal Church"
(6/2/2023) What's the situation like in the Democratic Republic of Congo?
(6/2/2023) Pope Francis sparks enthusiasm in the people of the D.R. Congo: "Say no to corruption"
(5/2/2023)Pope Francis to DRC charities:Promotion is a forest that grows in the face of exploitation
(4/2/2023) Victim from DRC: “We were made to eat the flesh of the people who had been killed”
(3/2/2023) Pope Francis during Mass in D.R. of Congo: "The Lord says to you: Lay down your arms''
(3/2/2023) Religious sister organizes walk across South Sudan to see Pope Francis
(3/2/2023) Pope Francis in Democratic Republic of Congo: "Africa is not a mine to exploit"
(2/2/2023) Pope Francis arrives in the Democratic Republic of Congo
(2/2/2023) Pope Francis addresses news of the Holy Land with "great sorrow"
(1/2/2023) Papal trip of peace: Democratic Republic of Congo prepares for Pope Francis' visit
(1/2/2023) Pope Francis closes Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with Vespers
(31/01/2023) Pope Francis: "Christian witness cannot be separated from joy and freedom"
(30/01/2023) Pope Francis explains the importance of the Word of God in three points
(29/01/2023) Pope Francis reminds young people: WYD is not for tourism but to open their hearts
(28/01/2023) Pilgrim walking from Spain to Jerusalem discovers her hidden pilgrimage destinations
(27/01/2023) 56th Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins on January 18
(26/01/2023) Animals fill Piazza Pius XII for annual blessing on St Anthony's feast day
(21/01/2023) Pope Francis tells catechists that their work involves "suffering and risk"
(20/01/2023) Pope Francis announces ecumenical prayer vigil on September 30 for Synod of Bishops
(19/1/2023) The soundtrack to Benedict XVI's life
(18/1/2023)Pope Francis:"It is not acceptable that the decision about a life depends on an algorithm"
(17/1/2023) Pope Francis begins new cycle of catechesis on the passion for evangelization
(16/1/2023) Mayor of Rome: "The Jubilee is a moment of extraordinary importance for the city"
(15/1/2023) 11 cardinals will no longer be electors in 2023, most of them Italians
(14/1/2023) Virtual reality gives a boost to tourism for cathedrals
(13/1/2023) Pope Francis draws inspiration from John XXIII and Cold War to call for peace in 2023
(12/1/2023) Pope Francis prays for mothers of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers killed in war
(11/1/2023) Pope Francis dedicates his last catechesis on discernment to spiritual accompaniment
(10/1/2023) Pope Francis at Mass on Epiphany: "God is found in the restlessness of questions"
(9/1/2023) Pope Francis explains why the baby Jesus was born in a manger
(8/1/2023) 'Life is Beautiful' director to Pope: “St. Francis married poverty, wife of Christ”
(7/1/2023) Ukrainian crèche shows Christmas in bombed Mariupol for 100 Presepi exhibit at Vatican
(6/1/2023) The meaning behind the Vatican's Guatemalan Nativity Scene
(5/1/2023) Pope emeritus Benedict XVI's remains interred in the Crypt of the Popes
(5/1/2023) Somber funeral for Benedict XVI: "May your joy be perfect in hearing the Lord forever"
(5/1/2023) Pope Francis on Pope emeritus Benedict XVI: "He was a great teacher of catechesis"
(5/1/2023) A look back at fun moments in Benedict XVI's pontificate
(5/1/2023) Jesus and ties between faith and reason at the center of Benedict XVI's teachings
(5/1/2023) Where will Pope emeritus Benedict XVI be buried?
(4/1/2023) Pope concludes catechesis on discernment: Sense God's presence in scripture
(3/1/2023) Pilgrims flood St Peter's Basilica to pay their last respects to the Pope emeritus
(2/1/2023) Pope emeritus Benedict XVI's Spiritual Testimony
(2/1/2023) First photos of Pope emeritus Benedict XVI lying in state at Mater Ecclesiae monastery
(1/1/2023)Pope emeritus Benedict XVI asked for simple funeral,only two official delegations will joi
(31/12/2022) Pope Francis on the death of Pope emeritus: "Only God knows the value of his sacrifice"
(31/12/2022)Funeral of Pope emeritus to be Thursday in St Peter's Square, Pope Francis will celebrate
(30/12/2022) Can you learn about the lives of the saints by playing Parcheesi?
(29/12/2022) Pope Francis on humanitarian issue in Lachin: "They are in danger during winter"
(28/12/2022) he story of Korea's first Catholic priest-martyr premieres at the Vatican
(27/12/2022) Pope Francis stresses the importance of being vigilant in the spiritual life
(26/12/2022) New film tells story of a Marian statue that came alive
(25/12/2022) Vatican celebrates Christmas with concert bringing music stars to Rome
(24/12/2022) Pope Francis' liturgical Christmas schedule
(23/12/2022) Pilgrims and tourists react to Vatican's Christmas tree and Nativity scene
(22/12/2022) Pope Francis asks heads of state to have mercy on prisoners during Christmas season
(21/12/2022) Pope Francis turns 86: Mobility problems not limiting his schedule
(20/12/2022) Pope Francis donates his personal watch to a charity auction
(19/12/2022) "He is a shepherd with his feet on the ground and who continues to dream"
(18/12/2022) Vatican confirms Pope Francis will travel to Africa
(17/12/2022) Pope Francis: “Time is most important test of decision-making”
(16/12/2022) Pope Francis breaks into tears over Ukraine on feast of Immaculate Conception
(15/12/2022) Pontifical Latin American College in Rome home to saints and cardinals
(14/12/2022)Pope Francis asks world leaders to change to usual structures of international relations
(13/12/2022) Kenyan acrobatic group bring their love of blues to the Vatican
(12/12/2022) Pope Francis returns to public veneration of Mary for Feast of Immaculate Conception
(12/12/2022) Pope Francis: "The devil shows up in disguise"
(11/12/2022) Pope Francis on how to live a more faithful Advent: “Come down from your pedestal”
(10/12/2022) Vatican inaugurates its Nativity scene and Christmas tree in St. Peter's Square
(9/12/2022) Pope Francis to priests from Latin America: “Be pastors to the people of God”
(8/12/2022) Pope Francis encourages a daily examination for finding authentic spiritual consolation
(7/12/2022) Vatican makes final preparations before lighting Christmas tree and Nativity scene
(6/12/2022) Ratzinger Prize winner defends Europe's Christian roots
(5/12/2022) Song celebrates Blessed Carlo Acutis, “the patron saint of the internet”
(5/12/2022) Artist and Pope papal bust reveals two way relationship of Bernini and Urban VIII
(3/12/2022) Cancer and Afterwards: how a 22-year-old artist used a blog to support cancer patients
(2/12/2022) Pope Francis on the World Cup in Qatar: "May it favor fraternity"
(1/12/2022) Parents were advised to abort unborn child because they would have a disability
(30/11/2022) Pope Francis explains difference between joy that is fleeting and Christian joy
(30/11/2022) First U N climate summit with Holy See as a member state closes in Egypt
(28/11/2022) Beer brewing monks use age old tradition to evangelize
(28/11/2022) Beer brewing monks use age old tradition to evangelize
(27/11/2022) Vatican's Christmas tree arrives in St. Peter's Square
(26/11/2022) Conference discusses rediscovery of Saint James' remains after three centuries
(25/11/2022) Pope Francis:"Don't use makeup spirituality. Before God, soap and water"
(24/11/2022) Pope Francis' 101 visits to the Basilica of St Mary Major
(24/11/2022) Pope Francis calls on the life of Saint Augustine for coping in times of desolation
(23/11/2022) Pope Francis sits down to eat lunch with people in need at the Vatican
(22/11/2022) Pope Francis: “What is the Lord saying to us before this third world war?”
(22/11/2022) Doctors set up mobile clinic in St Peter s Square for World Day of the Poor
(21/11/2022) King of Jordan to Pope Francis: “I pray for you all the time”
(20/11/2022) Life of Spanish nun dedicated to those abandoned comes to life in a new film
(19/11/2022) Pope Francis: “The Lord wants us to be fighters”
(18/11/2022) Relics of Jesus' cousin bring people together for procession to St Peter's Basilica
(18/11/2022) Where does this year's Vatican Christmas tree and Nativity scene come from?
(17/11/2022) Pope Francis on relations with Muslims Dialogue does not “water down” the faith
(17/11/2022)Pope Francis offers Vatican as neutral ground for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine
(16/11/2022) How does working in a Patagonian hospital qualify you for sainthood
(16/11/2022) Pope Francis blesses sculpture of homeless person for World Day of the Poor
(15/11/2022) Warring groups in Ethiopia sign permanent ceasefire after two years of war
(15/11/2022) Pope Francis expresses the “horror” of missionary's murder in Africa
(14/11/2022) Pope Francis uses his Apostolic Journey to Bahrain as an example for religious dialogue
(14/11/2022) Pope Francis: "The parish is the irreplaceable center of the faith journey"
(13/11/2022) The “Little Vatican” crypt where 9 popes were buried
(12/11/2022) Best images from Pope Francis' trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain
(11/11/2022) The best messages from Pope Francis' trip to Bahrain
(11/11/2022) Pope Francis asks Catholics in Bahrain to share their faith or they will become boring
(10/11/2022) Pope Francis encourages Bahrainian students to "discuss, dialogue and mingle"
(9/11/2022) Pope Francis closes Bahrain Forum: “if we sail alone, we go adrift”
(9/11/2022) In Bahrain, Pope Francis uses tree of life as an example for building peace
(8/11/2022) Pope Francis prays in Vatican cemetery to commemorate All Souls' Day
(8/11/2022) Pope Francis: "Our time is in dire and urgent need" of peace and fraternity
(7/11/2022) Pope Francis: “Do not make compromises with the Gospel”
(31/10/2022) Pope Francis: "The parish is the irreplaceable center of the faith journey"
(28/10/2022) Life of Spanish nun dedicated to those abandoned comes to life in a new film
(28/10/2022) Where does this year's Vatican Christmas tree and Nativity scene come from?
(27/10/2022) Pope Francis received with songs by religious of Madagascar
(26/10/2022) Pope Francis explains the value of dealing with “dark nights of the soul”
(25/10/2022) The “Little Vatican” crypt where 9 popes were buried
(25/10/2022) Pope Francis meets with politicians and religious leaders for peace at the Colosseum
(24/10/2022)Emmanuel Macron meets with Pope Francis, France's first lady: “I pray for you every day”
(24/10/2022) Pope Francis registers for World Youth Day 2023 in Portugal
(23/10/2022) “My fight for peace” the story of Cardinal Nzapalainga and his love for the poor
(22/10/2022) The first ever Catholic grief support app
(21/10/2022) Missionaries in Uganda: “They used the skin of innocent girls for drums in rituals”
(20/10/2022) Three presidents to come to Rome for prayer event, Pope Francis will meet with Macron
(19/10/2022) Pope Francis on discernment: To escape toxic thoughts, reread your life story
(17/10/2022) Pope Francis to businessmen: "Take care of family, environment and employees"
(17/10/2022) Salvadorans thank Pope Francis for beatification of martyrs: “They live in glory”
(16/8/2022) The frescoed Hall of the Demigods: A treasure right next to the Vatican
(15/10/2022) Pope Francis to Communion and Liberation movement: “Crisis makes for growth”
(14/10/2022) Pope Francis warns organizers of Vatican Christmas event to not be “cliché”
(14/10/2022) The Mystery Man: Who was the man of the Shroud of Turin?
(13/10/2022) Oldest Italian missionary magazine celebrates 150 years with papal audience in Rome
(13/10/2022) Pope Francis shares message for U.S. Catholic Youth: “Do not lose your joy”
(12/10/2022) Pope Francis: complaints are “a poison to the soul, a poison to life”
(12/10/2022) Pope Francis describes desire as a compass that can guide a person's life
(11/10/2022) Pope Francis urges Christians to rediscover Vatican II and overcome polarization
(11/10/2022) City of Barbastro, Spain keeps memory of martyrs alive 86 years after their deaths
(10/10/2022) Pope Francis asks to "learn from history" of the 60's to avoid nuclear war
(9/10/2022) "Amen sin tilde," a project that gives new life to the homeless
(8/10/2022) U.S. pregnancy clinic adapts to changes by promoting a culture of life
(7/10/2022) First Jewish recipient among the winners of 2022 Ratzinger Prize
(6/10/2022) Giovanni Scalabrini pivotal figure in reception of European migrants in the 1800s
(5/10/2022) Will social media influence the canonization process?
(5/10/2022) Pope Francis the root of many vocational crises is a lack of self knowledge
(4/10/2022) "The Letter": a documentary on climate change based on Pope Francis' encyclical
(4/10/2022) Founder of the Scalabrinianis and lay Salesian to canonized October 9...
(3/10/2022) Life of first Pope comes alive on St Peter's Basilica
(1/10/2022) Grammy nominated artist releases new Marian hymn, 'Mother Mary, pray for us'
(30/9/2022) Pope Francis on sports for all: If it does not educate or build relationships, ...
(29/9/2022) Vatican's social dicastery presents its work program
(29/9/2022) Pope Francis asks universities to study the bases for building intercultural societies
(29/9/2022) Social initative with the goal of making Africa self reliant celebrates
(29/9/2022) Could the Vatican participate in the Olympic Games
(29/9/2022)Vatican signs declaration for sports together with presidents of two international groups
(28/9/2022) Vatican confirms Pope Francis' trip to Bahrain
(28/9/2022) A message you can see from the sky Italian artist denounces nuclear warfare
(28/9/2022) Pope Francis explains how affections can help or hinder discernment
(28/9/2022) Cardinal Krajewski returns from Ukraine Pope Francis: "He told me terrible things"
(27/9/2022) The Nurse's Path: walking 5 days with letters from COVID patients to Rome
(27/9/2022) Temporary art exhibit at Villa Medici sparks conversation on colonialism
(26/9/2022) The artist uniting contemporary and sacred art
(25/9/2022) Angelus in Matera: Pope Francis prays for 5 priests, 1 religious kidnapped in Cameroon
(24/9/2022) Pope Francis in Assisi: "Without loving the poor, no misery can be fought"
(23/9/2022) Brazilian priest helps young people from peripheries find jobs and make connections
(23/9/2022) Remembering the Roe v. Wade repeal with film on the conversion of the “Abortion King"
(23/9/2022) Australian Catholic Church continues to fight against legalization of euthanasia
(22/9/2022) Pope Francis meets with members of the Deloitte Global consulting firm
(22/9/2022) Central American embassies to the Vatican celebrate independence with eclectic art show
(22/9/2022) Colombia's last cardinal elector turns 80, losing the right to vote in a future conclave
(22/9/2022) Pope Francis to travel to Assisi and Matera over the weekend
(21/9/2022) Pope Francis recaps his trip to Kazakhtan during his General Audience
(21/9/2022) Pope Francis shares reports from his envoy in Ukraine “Savagery, monstrosities”
(20/9/2022)Vatican to project an artistic video of the first pope on the façade of St Peter's Basilic
(20/9/2022) Cardinal Krajewksi shot at in Ukraine, prays before mass grave
(20/9/2022) Cardinal recalls his kidnapping by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
(19/9/2022) Dicastery for Saints opens conference on what sainthood means today
(19/9/2022) Pope Francis “We are called to be creative when doing good”
(18/9/2022) British Ambassador to the Vatican: Queen's Christian faith resonated with popes she met
(16/9/2022) Documentary follows the pilgrims along their journey to Lourdes
(16/9/2022) Vatican's foreign minister to represent Pope Francis at Queen's funeral
(16/9/2022) Pope Francis on Russia: “Dialoge with the aggressor smells, but it must be done”
(15/9/2022) Final declaration at interfaith congress urges leaders to abandon “aggressive rhetoric”
(15/9/2022) Pope Francis gives advice to small Catholic communities like those in Kazakhstan
(14/9/2022) Pope Francis calls for peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan
(14/9/2022) Pope Francis in Kazakhstan: “Keep the memory of suffering to avoid future mistakes”
(14/9/2022) Pope Francis meets with Russian Church delegation and asks for meeting with Kirill
14/9/2022Pope Francis criticizes toxic religious to faith leaders:“May the sacred not prop up power”
(13/9/2022) Pope Francis calls for a more peaceful and stable world from Kazakhstan
(13/9/2022) Pope Francis arrives in Kazakhstan to “fraternal” reception
(13/9/2022) Bishop in Kazakhstan outlines priorities for Pope Francis' trip
(12/9/2022) “What moves you?”: Pope Francis writes to young people preparing for World Youth Day
(12/9/2022) Pope Francis remembers his catechesis teacher, Sister Dolores
(12/9/2022) Pope Francis: “Trip to Kazakhstan is opportunity to dialogue on peace”
(12/9/2022) Mourners pay homage to the Queen at Rome's Anglican church and British Embassy
(9/9/2022) Cardinal Krajewski will travel to Ukraine for fourth time on behalf of Pope Francis
(9/9/2022) Pope Francis offers condolences to King Charles III after the Queen's death
(9/9/2022) Queen Elizabeth II's meetings with popes
(8/9/2022) Pope Francis to celebrate Mass for 60th anniversary of Vatican II opening
(8/9/2022) The Dominican Republic honors the first Marian icon of the Americas in August
(8/9/2022) Pope Francis to Vatican ambassadors: "It's the third world war, let's say it”
(8/9/2022) David E. Nazar: "The spirituality of the Ukrainian people has grown during the war"
(7/9/2022) Pope Francis to meet with diplomats and apostolic nuncios for triennial gathering
(7/9/2022) Pope Francis prays for prisoners, those who have lost hope and taken their own lives
(7/9/2022) Pope Francis meets with the families of 21 fishermen who died at sea
(7/9/2022) Pope Francis uses St Ignatius of Loyola as an example of discernment
(6/9/2022) Economy of Francesco: the initiative Pope Francis will address in Assisi
(6/9/2022) “Hero of the skateboard” cause for canonization is steps away from starting
(5/9/2022) Polish ambassador presents Pope Francis with credentials and book on Cardinal Wyszyński
(5/9/2022) Pope Francis meets with members of Caritas Spain for its 75th anniversary
(5/9/2022) Pope Francis issues new constitution for Order of Malta
(5/9/2022) Paraguayan Ambassador presents credentials to Pope Francis and gives him chipitas
(4/9/2022) Pope John Paul I becomes a Blessed: “His smile transmitted the Lord's goodness”
(3/9/2022) Pope Francis makes his Spotify debut with old friend from Buenos Aires
(3/9/2022) Salvatorian Cardinal turns 80 years old and the number of electors drops to 131
(3/9/2022) ‘Lifemark’ adoption film, based on the true story of David Scotton, premiers Sept 9
(2/9/2022) The life feats and posthumous miracle that led to John Paul I's beatification
(2/9/2022) Pope Francis meets with artists, music star J Balvin: “He is the coolest pope I've known”
(1/9/2022) Pope Francis on liturgy: Traditionalism is the dead faith of some of the living
(1/9/2022) Pope Francis to Schoenstatt Fathers: the family is attacked by various ideologies
(1/9/2022) Movie makers on Mother Teresa biopic meet with Pope Francis
(1/9/2022) Pope Francis praises Gorbachev's “far sighted commitment to concord and brotherhood”
(31/8/2022) For the abolition of the death penalty – The Pope Video September 2022
(31/8/2022) Pope Francis prays for peaceful coexistence in Baghdad during his General Audience
(31/8/2022) The personal relationship between John Paul II and Mikhail Gorbachev
(31/8/2022) Pope Francis begins new catechesis on discernment with reminder of final judgement
(29/8/2022) Denzel Washington and other stars to speak with Pope Francis on how to promote values
(29/8/2022) Pope Francis prays for Pakistani flood victims at Angelus in L'Aquila
(29/8/2022) The Way of St.James welcomes record numbers of pilgrims in the Holy Year 2021 22
(28/8/2022) Pope Francis to families of earthquake victims: “Words not enough to overcome pain”
(28/8/2022) Pope Francis at festival of forgiveness: “Find mercy in your misery”
(27/8/2022)Pope Francis to 20 new cardinals—Jesus asks you can I count on you?
(26/8/2022)Pope Francis to altar servers thank you for your service to Church as your friends sleep
(26/8/2022)Pope Francis meets with one of the richest and largest families in Portugal
(26/08/2022)America's next cardinal:Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego
(25/8/2022) Pope Francis highlights beauty of the vocation of secular institutes
(25/8/2022) Pope Francis: the world needs capable leaders inspired by a fraternal love
(25/8/2022) President of Hungary presents Pope Francis with stoles she embroidered herself
(25/8/2022) Club Deportivo Tenerife celebrates its centenary with Pope Francis
(24/8/2022) Pope Francis intends to open conversation with bishops' conferences on lay ministries
(24/8/2022) Pope Francis concludes his catechesis on old age with a message of hope for the elderly
(24/8/2022) Pope Francis reflects on the cruelty of war 6 months after Russian invasion of Ukraine
(23/8/2022) Ukrainian children and mothers attend integrative summer camp in Rome
(22/8/2022) Pope Francis encourages entering heaven "through the narrow gate"
(22/8/2022) Pope Francis encourages entering heaven "through the narrow gate"
(22/8/2022)Pope Francis,"concerned" about situation in Nicaragua, calls for "open, sincere dialogue"
(21/8/2022) Keys: Why the Vatican accepted a decades-old request from the Franciscan family
(20/8/2022) Family with newborn receives suprise blessing from Pope Francis
(20/8/2022) Vatican releases new plan to better prepare couples for marriage
(19/8/2022) Nicaraguan government arrests Bishop of Matagalpa, Rolando Álvarez
(19/8/2022) Pope Francis sends message to 43rd Meeting for Friendship among peoples in Rimini
(19/8/2022) Pope Francis “deeply saddened” by Egypt fire that killed 35 in a church
(18/8/2022) Cardinal Ranjith thanks Pope Francis for €100,000 donation to Easter bombings families
(18/8/2022) Kid's show explains pro life ethic to children
(18/8/2022) New apostolic letter stresses importance of active involvement in Mass
(17/8/2022) Child runs on stage during Pope Francis' General Audience: “This one is brave!”
(17/8/2022) Pope Francis: “The alliance between the old and the young will save the human family”
(17/8/2022) Pope Francis explains the central vocation of the elderly at General Audience
(16/8/2022) Vatican and São Tomé and Príncipe sign agreement recognizing Church in the countrys
(16/8/2022) Pope Francis calls for international solidarity to respond to drought, war
(16/8/2022) Pope Francis: “True faith calls us to action”
(16/8/2022) Pope Francis prays Angelus for the Feast of the Assumption: “True power is service”
(15/8/2022) 2,000 years of experience: Vatican's intricate protocol serves as model for others
(14/8/2022) French family travels 3 days to meet Pope Francis
(13/8/2022) Ecumenical work between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East is now a reality
(12/8/2022) Diocese of Tangier has helped over 7,000 migrants since 2011
(12/8/2022) Franciscan fraternity: rescript enables non-ordained brothers to be elected superiors
(11/8/2022) Bishop in Kazakhstan: Pope's trip is an opportunity to send a message to the world
(11/8/2022) Pope Francis gives final blessing at Cardinal Tomko's funeral in St Peter's Basilica
(11/8/2022) Mother transforms tragic accident into a foundation of forgiveness
(10/8/2022) Pope Francis greets Argentinean missionaries serving in indigenous villages
(10/8/2022) Pope Francis urges local churches to promote the “ministry of the elderly”
(9/8/2022) 77 years after Nagasaki atomic bomb, Pope Francis fights for an end to nuclear weapons
(8/8/2022) Pope Francis urges young people to not be afraid of taking risks and to be a team
(8/8/2022) Pope Francis: I prefer a wounded Church because it goes out to existenital peripheries
(8/8/2022) Pope Francis: God's love asks us to be vigilant
(7/8/2022) 50 teens travel over 1200 miles to attend General Audience
(6/8/2022) Evangelization through cartoons—making lives of saints accessible in the 21st century
(5/8/2022) Snow in August: a Roman tradition lives on
(5/8/2022) Pope Francis encourages each young person to “be original”
(4/8/2022) Two years after the Beirut port explosion, "the situation in Lebanon is catastrophic"
(4/8/2022) 40th Franciscan March to Assisi comes to a close
(3/8/2022) Uniservitate Award honors student service projects from 28 universities
(3/8/2022) Pope Francis felt the pain of Indigenous Canadians like slaps
(2/8/2022) Pope Francis resumes his agenda in August with audiences, meetings and a Consistory
(28/7/2022) Indigenous translator for Pope's Canada trip: the Church must work to save our languages
(1/8/2022) Pope Francis to travel to Kazakhstan in September
(1/8/2022) Pope Francis thanks Indigenous chiefs, Canadian bishops and government for trip
(30/7/2022) Pope Francis bids farewell to Canada with closing ceremony
(30/7/2022) In Canada, Pope Francis challenges young people to earn their inheritance
(29/7/2022) Pope Francis meets privately with residential school survivors in Quebec
(29/7/2022) Pope Francis: "Secularization is a challenge to our pastoral imagination"
(28/7/2022) Pope Francis denounces historical viewpoint that does not appreciate value of traditions
(28/7/2022) Indigenous translator for Pope's Canada trip: the Church must work to save our languages
(27/7/2022) Indigenous chiefs and survivors: papal apology is only first step of new journey
(27/7/2022) Pope Francis: Virgin of Guadalupe is example to follow for evangelization
(26/7/2022) Pope Francis highlights the wisdom of the elderly in first public Mass in Canada
(26/7/2022) Patriarch Sako: “In Iraq, we only have wheat for five months”
(26/7/2022) Parishioners thank Pope Francis for hearing them and helping them release their trauma
(24/7/2022) Pope Francis arrives in Canada, beginning his first trip to the country
(22/7/2022) World Day of the Elderly: It's impossible to imagine that there is no vocation for them
(20/7/2022) 'Human Fraternity' document signed by Pope Francis inspires orphanage in Cairo, Egypt
(20/7/2022) Vatican centralizes investments to prevent future financial scandal
(19/7/2022) Rome opens new frescoes found in the Baths of Caracalla to the public
(19/7/2022) Pope Francis to meet with prince and princess of Monaco
(18/7/2022) Pope Francis denounces “toxicity” and “fake news” in some media sites
(18/7/2022) Pope Francis calls summer a valuable time to read the Gospel
(18/7/2022) Pope Francis calls his trip to Canada penitential
(17/7/2022) Dominican Republic celebrates 100 years since patroness' coronation
(15/7/2022) Shiite Muslims and Vatican continue to strengthen ties
(15/7/2022) Jesuits call for safe access routes to Europe and denounce border deaths
(14/7/2022) Card Parolin Women in the Dicastery of Bishops a “substantial step forward”
(12/7/2022) Pope Francis warns Latin American bishops of three forms of idolatry
(12/7/2022) Pope Francis asks young people to consume less meat to save the environment
(12/7/2022) ukraine s ambassador to the vatican possible papal trip to ukraine is realistic
(11/7/2022) Pope Francis on the crisis in Sri Lanka “Do not ignore the cry of the poor”
(11/7/2022) Spanish folk group performs hit album inspired by the Mass in St Peter's Basilica
(10/7/2022) The struggle of a missionary family in an unknown land
(9/7/2022) Documentary tells how Jesuit missionary entered China's Forbidden City
(8/7/2022) Pope Francis plans more trips throughout Italy in September
(7/7/2022) The road to ordination of 70 young men in Guadalajara, Mexico
(6/7/2022) Card Parolin arrives in South Sudan to share Pope Francis' message of reconciliation
(4/7/2022) Pope Francis: Now is the time for "wise statesmen" to build peace through dialogue
(22/6/2022) On Pope Francis' health: “Believe me, his head and heart are as clear as ever”
(22/6/2022) Pope Francis: “Learning when to step away is the wisdom of the elderly”
(21/6/2022) Final preparations for the 10th World Meeting of Families in Rome
(20/6/2022) Pope Francis: “Disinfomation is the order of the day”
(19/6/2022) “Humanity needs the good”: Pope Francis greets Lions Clubs International Foundation
(18/6/2022) “F word cancer” choir sings to the Pope in explicit t shirts
(17/6/2022) Pope Francis to Buddhists: “Jesus and Buddha knew the need to overcome the ego”
(16/6/2022) Vatican releases details on funds used for pope's project
(16/6/2022) Card. Grech: The Church will lose the genius of women if we don't create space for them.
(15/6/2022) Pope Francis meets group of blind cyclists riding to support pediatric palliative care.
(15/6/2022) Pope Francis: “Life is precious, even as it fades away”
(14/6/2022) Pope Francis says “third World War” in Ukraine was “possibly provoked”
(14/6/2022) Pope Francis When profit is the only law, there is no just wage or working hours
(13/6/2022) Pope Francis will not celebrate Corpus Christi Mass nor lead traditional procession
(13/6/2022) Spanish minister gifts Pope Francis bananas from La Palma, island devastated by volcano
(12/6/2022) Two journey journey to greet Pope Francis: a couple's desire to see the Pope in Rome
(10/6/2022) Pope Francis welcomes President of the European Commission to Vatican
(10/6/2022) Pope Francis postpones trip to Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan
(9/6/2022) Pope Francis jokes with the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic: "I need a translator!"
(9/6/2022) President of World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem, meets with Pope Francis
(8/6/2022) Pope Francis's praise for wrinkles
(8/6/2022) Pope Francis on the need to “see every age of life as preparation for eternal happiness”
(7/6/2022) Shiite - Vatican Relationship—Pope Francis strives to strengthen this bond
(6/6/2022) The Pope's harsh words against war in Ukraine: “Do not bring humanity to ruin”
(6/6/2022) Pope Francis at Pentecost: “The Holy Spirit leads us to love the concrete”
(5/6/2022) Pope has “laughing fit” over clown nose worn by a pilgrim going to Jerusalem
(4/6/2022) Crisis in Syria and Lebanon: nuns reaching out to help where others can't
(3/6/2022) Pope Francis instills same Pentecost messages as recent years
(2/6/2022) Saint César de Bus: A life dedicated to catechesis
(1/6/2022) Pope Francis: “Do not use wheat as a weapon of war”
(1/6/2022) Pope Francis, with great difficulty walking
(31/5/2022) Tim Schmalz brings the first statue of Jesus in fetus form to Rome
(30/5/2022) The Pope to visit epicenter of violence in the heart of Africa
(30/5/2022) New cardinals chosen by Pope Francis
(29/5/2022) Pope Francis announced that he will create 21 new cardinals Only Video
(29/5/2022) Interreligious Dialogue: From the University to the Field
(28/5/2022) Vulnerabilities are opportunities: President of International Union of Superior Generals
(27/5/2022) The emotional story behind the rosary given to Pope Francis
(26/5/2022) Worldwide Rosary for Ukraine: Pope Francis to pray in month dedicated to Our Lady
(26/5/2022) Promise to deceased friend fulfilled: painter's image presented to Pope Francis
(25/5/2022) Pope Francis uses cane to help walk in St. Peter's Square
(25/5/2022) Pope Francis: “We are living in a society of fatigue ”
(24/5/2022) A Scientist turned priest: The Story of Lorenzo De Vittori
(24/5/2022) “The Jesuits in El Salvador saved lives with their actions, but more with their death”
(23/5/2022) Worth more than gold: Pope Francis receives special gift from Bulgarian president
(23/5/2022) Pope Francis: “Let us remember that life is a gift from God”
(22/5/2022) The lone knight who guards a Maltese castle and aids Ukrainian refugees
(21/5/2022) Argentinian singer and actress after meeting the Pope: “It's a unique thrill”
(20/5/2022) Latin American actor and singer meet Pope Francis
(19/5/2022) Bono promotes Vatican education initiative alongside Pope Francis
(19/5/2022) Ronaldinho and other soccer stars launch friendly match for peace with Pope Francis
(18/5/2022) Pope Francis will preside over the Pentecost celebration on June 5
(18/5/2022) Pope Francis: Christians have a “right to protest” God
(17/5/2022) The Kiss of God: the meaning of the Mass explained through a movie
(17/5/2022) Caritas in Ukraine: "There are many stories where I have seen the hand of God"
(16/5/2022) Pilgrims gather in St Peter's Square at night to pray rosary for peace
(16/5/2022) Pope Francis uses a cane, is doing two hours of physical therapy each day
(15/5/2022) Today Ukraine, yesterday Vietnam Pope Francis meets iconic “napalm girl”
(14/5/2022) A yogurt company boldly living out Catholic social teaching today
(13/5/2022) Official: Pope Francis to visit Canada in July
(12/5/2022) The Vatican remembers the 260 million refugees in the world and calls for change
(11/5/2022) Pope Francis prays with the wives of Ukrainian soldiers of the Azov regiment
(11/5/2022) Pope Francis gives advice on living a good retirement
(10/5/2022) Tourists once again form long lines outside Vatican Museums
(10/5/2022) Pope Francis to elderly: As war breaks out, be teachers of peace
(9/5/2022) Pope Francis: Liturgy cannot become an ideological battleground
(8/5/2022) Reading group shows why a well read mom is a better mother
(7/5/2022) Pope Francis to declare 10 new saints on May 15
(6/5/2022) Solemn and symbolic swearing in ceremony of new Swiss Guards
(5/5/2022) Pope Francis uses wheelchair in public due to knee problem
(5/5/2022) Vatican seeks to build new Swiss Guard barracks accommodating of woman
(4/5/2022) Pope Francis and Japanese PM express hope for world without nuclear weapons
(4/5/2022) Pope Francis: Christianity is not a spirituality but a way of life
(3/5/2022) For Faith Filled Young People – The Pope Video 05 – May 2022
(3/5/2022) Pope Francis asked to meet with Putin in Moscow but has received no response
(2/5/2022) May at the Vatican: torch lit procession and rosary every Saturday in honor of Mary
(2/5/2022) Pope Francis highlights essential role of pharmacists in overcoming the pandemic
(1/5/2022) Set the bar high: Sacred Art School challenges students to live extraordinary lives
(30/4/2022) Pope Francis calls for annual report to verify Church's anti abuse measures
(29/4/2022) Card. Parolin: War in Ukraine an “obvious consequence” of decline in multilateralism
(28/4/2022) 20220428 What's wrong with Pope Francis' knee?
(28/4/2022) Pope Francis stresses need for charity in times of war
(27/4/2022) Spanish Cardinal Carlos Amigo dies at 87
(27/4/2022) Pope Francis to married couples: Seek a good relationship with your mother-in-law
(26/4/2022) Pope Francis meets with missionaries of mercy
(25/4/2022) Philosopher Massimo Borghesi contextualizes Pope Francis' mentality in latest book
(23/4/2022) 20220423 Divine Mercy Sunday “Nothing man needs more than Divine Mercy”
(23/4/2022) 20220423 The Bible audio book: stream the Word of God in only 89 hours
(22/4/2022) Vietnam to have a resident Vatican representative for the first time since 1975
(22/4/2022) Pope Francis says June meeting with Patriarch Kirill canceled
(21/4/2022) Pope Francis repeats apology for abuses to Manitoba Métis Indigenous Canadians
(21/4/2022) Pope Francis thanks Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán for taking in Ukrainian refugees
(20/4/2022) Advisor to Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán, dies at 89
(20/4/2022) Happy 2,775th birthday to the city of Rome
(19/4/2022) Pope Francis to young people To overcome your fears, share them with others
(19/4/2022) Environmentalists ask Pope Francis not to release balloons into the sky during events
(17/4/2022) Pope Francis cites Einstein Russell disarmament manifesto in Urbi et Orbi
(16/4/2022) The adventures of a friar turned YouTuber
(15/4/2022) Pope Francis at the Stations of the Cross in Rome: ''Make enemies shake hands''
(15/4/2022) Pope Francis celebrates liturgy for Passion of the Lord
(14/4/2022) Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI turns 95 this Saturday
(14/4/2022) Jesus' Crucifixion reexamined by historian in new book
(13/4/2022) Spanish Cardinal Blázquez turns 80 and is no longer eligible to vote in a Papal Conclave
(13/4/2022) Pope Francis Current armed aggression is a blasphemous betrayal of God
(12/4/2022) Relics of Christ’s crucifixion inspire pilgrims in Rome for Holy Week
(12/4/2022) Pope and Patriarch potential meeting in Jerusalem and a papal trip to Kazakhstan
(11/4/2022) Rome's Holy Stairs fills with pilgrims after two years of pandemic restrictions
(11/4/2022) New U S ambassador meets Pope Francis at the Vatican
(10/4/2022) 20220410 Pope Francis calls for "Easter truce" in Ukraine on Palm Sunday
(10/4/2022) Bakers give Pope Francis a pastry olive tree as a sign of peace
(9/4/2022)Story of 6 Jesuit martyrs in El Salvador told in the film "Llegaron de noche"-Rome Reports
(8/4/2022) Mark Wahlberg plays priest in “Father Stu”: “I've been preparing for this my whole life”
(7/4/2022) Pope Francis meets with Ukraine's ambassador to the Holy See
(7/4/2022) 20220407 What will Holy Week in the Vatican look like in 2022?
(6/4/2022) Pope Francis condemns “horrific cruelty” committed against civilians in Bucha
(6/4/2022) Pope Francis shows Ukrainian flag from Bucha at General Audience
(5/4/2022) For health care workers – The Pope Video 04 – April 2022
(5/4/2022) Cardinal Sandri says situation in Holy Land countries is “devastating”
(4/4/2022) Pope Francis' best messages during his trip to Malta
(4/4/2022)Pope Francis' airborne press conference after trip to Malta:Ukraine, migration, his health
(3/4/2022) Pope Francis uses elevator to board flight back to Rome from Malta
(3/4/2022) Pope Francis celebrates Mass in Malta: To live out the faith is not to condemn others
(2/4/2022) Pope Francis arrives in Malta, uses elevator to board and disembark plane
(1/4/2022)The President of Poland asks Pope Francis to visit his country to be close to the refugees
(31/3/2022) New award showcases students responding to Pope Francis' call to solidarity
(31/3/2022) Religious leaders play a role in the solution to the war in Ukraine
(30/3/2022) Pope Francis greets Ukrainian children fleeing war
(30/3/2022)Pope Francis explains the value of the elderly in discerning God's presence in daily life
(29/3/2022) Trip to the Ukrainian border: Women in danger of mafia and prostitution - Rome Reports
(29/3/2022) Ugandan activists seek Pope Francis' support in blocking oil pipeline
(28/3/2022) Card. Krajewski to take ambulance blessed by the Pope to Ukraine
(28/3/2022) Pope Francis at Angelus: “The time has come to abolish war”
(27/3/2022) From a promising bishop to a marginalized priest, film tells story of Orthodox saint
(26/3/2022) Archbishop of Colombo seeks justice after 2019 bombings in Sri Lanka
(25/3/2022) Pope Francis consecrates Russia and Ukraine to Immaculate Heart of Mary
(24/3/2022) Consecration of Russia and Ukraine to Our Lady: Praying for peace, not for one side
(24/3/2022) Pope Francis' act of consecration “makes clear” the Church's plea for peace in Ukraine
(23/3/2022) Pope Francis remembers his grandfather who instilled in him a “hatred of war”
(23/2/2022) Pope Francis condemns war: May the Lord free us from the “need for self destruction”
(22/3/2022) Pope Francis speaks with Zelenskyy about humanitarian crisis in Ukraine
(22/3/2022)After two years,Pope Francis to preside over Stations of the Cross at Colosseum once again
(21/3/2022) Pope Francis: War in Ukraine is “sacrilegious”
(21/3/2022) Pope Francis visits Ukrainian children admitted to the Vatican run hospital
(20/3/2022) Mexican pilgrims catch Pope Francis' attention by singing at General Audience
(19/3/2022) Pope Francis reforms Vatican Curia, prioritizes evangelization and charity
(18/3/2022) Pope Francis invites world's bishops to join in consecration of Russia and Ukraine
(17/3/2022) In Poland, priests at the border welcome refugees arriving from Ukraine
(17/3/2022) Pope Francis reminds religious of their vocation as spiritual fathers
(16/3/2022) Full prayer of Pope Francis for peace in Ukraine
(16/3/2022) Pope Francis warns the elderly of growing old without maturing
(15/3/2022) Pope Francis to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to Immaculate Heart of Mary
(15/3/2022) Pope Francis: War in Ukraine shows leaders have not learned lessons of 20th century
(14/3/2022) Pope Francis: Saints of 1622 remind us we are called to be together, despite differences
(14/3/2022) Pope Francis on war in Ukraine: “In the name of God, stop this massacre!”
(13/3/2022) Pilgrims in medieval outfits attend the Pope's Audience
(13/3/2022) How New Age practices can harm one's Catholic faith
(12/3/2022) Pope Francis' best messages on the value of old age
(11/3/2022) The Francis pontificate 9 years in: reforms implemented and tasks still on the table
(10/3/2022) Pope Francis' most important messages on Ukraine
(10/3/2022)Journalists and local experts discuss causes and possible solutions to the war in Ukraine
(9/3/2022) Cardinals sent to Ukraine cross border, meet with refugees on first day in country
(9/3/2022) Ukrainian journalist who fled to Rome: My colleagues are still working
(8/3/2022) Canadian Cardinal en route to Ukraine: Pope Francis wants to assure them of his presence
(8/3/2022) Students rally against war in Ukraine on Rome's Capitoline Hill
(7/3/2022) Pope Francis and the Curia begin spiritual exercises
(7/3/2022)Pope Francis thanked those helping refugees and journalists endangering their lives in Ukra
(6/3/2022) Exhibit reimagines Leonardo da Vinci's life and work in modern day
(6/3/2022) Polish students get a shout out from Pope Francis at General Audience
(5/3/2022) Three Jewish friends from John Paul II's childhood share their memories
(4/3/2022) Ukrainians in Rome send dozens of trucks with medical supplies to their country
(3/3/2022) Looking back at the Pope's meeting with President Zelensky in 2020
(3/3/2022) Looking back on Pope Francis' meeting with Putin
(2/3/2022) Cardinal Parolin prays for Ukraine at Ash Wednesday Mass
(2/3/2022) Pope Francis thanks Poland for its efforts to help refugees leaving Ukraine
(1/3/2022) Caritas scrambles to provide aid to displaced people and those who stayed behind
(28/2/2022) Priests in Ukraine going to bomb shelters to celebrate Mass
(28/2/2022) Card. Parolin: Holy See ready to facilitate dialogue between Russia and Ukraine
(27/2/2022) Pope Francis calls for an end to war and greets pilgrims in Ukrainian
(27/2/2022) Michelangelo's three Pietàs on display in unique exposition spanning three cities
(26/2/2022) What is Lent?
(25/2/2022) Pope Francis visits Russian embassy to “express concern because of the war”
(24/2/2022) Colosseum lit up with colors of Ukrainian flag
(24/2/2022) Pope Francis' Lenten message: Let us not grow tired of doing good
(23/2/2022) Pope Francis calls political leaders to do everything to prevent war in Ukraine
(23/2/2022) Pope Francis begins new series of catechesis on the elderly's crucial role in society
(22/2/2022) Vatican launches art contest to choose official logo of 2025 Jubilee
(22/2/2022) Rwandan couple killed in the 1994 genocide could be beatified
(21/2/2022) Pope Francis to dialogue with students from US and across the Americas
(21/2/2022) Pope Francis to the blind: Today, unfortunately, we only perceive the exterior
(20/2/2022) This newly inagurated wood and concrete Church is among Italy's most unique
(20/2/2022) TV series communicates the faith to children through music and song
(19/2/2022) The priest who set up an inflatable church in the Netherlands
(18/2/2022) Superior of priest murdered in DRC There they kill people like animals
(17/2/2022) Pope Francis: An authentic artist can speak about God better than anyone else
(17/2/2022) Pope Francis opens conference on the priesthood amid abuse crisis
(16/2/2022) Oldest Italian cardinal dies at 95
(16/2/2022) Pope Francis asks for courage to face mistakes that cause scandal
(15/2/2022) Vatican firefighters rescue a cat from the colonnade around St Peter's Square
(15/2/2022) Pope Francis to return to making traditional Ash Wednesday procession
(14/2/2022) Pope Francis strengthens anti abuse arm within Vatican's doctrinal office
(14/2/2022) Pope Francis “The news from Ukraine is very worrying”
(13/2/2022) The Netherlands rallies to continue tradition of supplying pope's Easter flowers
(13/2/2022) Pope Francis surprised by the folkloric costumes of two pilgrims at General Audience
(12/2/2022) Film about founder of religious congregation reaches box offices across Spain
(11/2/2022)Pope Francis calls for Jubilee Year of 2025 to be a time of conversion and active charity
(10/2/2022) Pope Francis to visit Malta April 2 and 3
(10/2/2022) How will Benedict XVI's response to the Munich report affect his legacy?
(9/2/2022) Benedict XVI's advisor: “He is calm, at peace”
(9/2/2022) Pope Francis against euthanasia: We must accompany others to death, not provoke it
(8/2/2022) Benedict XVI apologizes, says it's wrong not to be decisive when dealing with abuse
(8/2/2022) Benedict XVI responds to abuse report I express my heartfelt request for forgiveness
(7/2/2022) Pope Francis blesses touching statue to raise awareness about human trafficking
(7/2/2022) Pope Francis explains what type of priest the Church needs
(6/2/2022) The drone pilot behind the virtual tour of Lourdes launched during the pandemic
(6/2/2022) Young Slovaks bring Pope Francis homemade bread
(5/2/2022) Church to observe 8th International Day of Prayer Against Human Trafficking
(4/2/2022) Vianna Garcia launches first single as singer songwriter
(3/2/2022) Pope Francis pushes through knee pain to keep up with regular schedule
(3/2/2022) Doctor recounts his faith experience during the toughest moments of the pandemic
(2/2/2022) Pope Francis says devotion to the saints should not be treated as superstition
(2/2/2022) Pope Francis encourages Christians to ask for the saints' intercession
(1/2/2022) For religious sisters and consecrated women – The Pope Video 02 – February 2022
(1/2/2022) Missionary expelled from China by Mao declared venerable
(31/1/2022) Pope Francis encourages leather chemists to adopt environmentally friendly practices
(31/1/2022) Pope Francis prays for the world's sick on World Leprosy Day
(30/1/2022) The viral picture that raised funds to get Syrian family initial medical treatment
(30/1/2022) Peace activists ask Pope Francis to help prevent war in Ukraine
(29/1/2022) Pope Francis to celebrate Mass on World Day for Consecrated Life
(28/1/2022) Pope Francis condemns fake news, calls reliable information a “human right”
(27/1/2022) Cardinal Marx repeats willingness to offer resignation to Pope Francis
(27/1/2022) Pope Francis asks Rota to also promote reconciliation in marriage annulment cases
(26/1/2022) Pope Francis greets Holocaust survivor
(26/1/2022) Pope Francis offers advice on confronting life's uncertainties
(25/1/2022) Pope Francis leads ecumenical prayer for Christian unity in Rome
(25/1/2022) Cardinal Angelo Becciu's trial remains in preliminary phase after 6 months
(24/1/2022) Pope Francis asks educators to not be discouraged by the pandemic
(24/1/2022) Pope Francis calls for day of prayer for peace in Ukraine on Jan 26
(23/1/2022) From a Fiat 500 to a city tram, traveling in style with Pope Francis
(23/1/2022) American priest brings prayer cards for Pope Francis written by children
(22/1/2022) Pope Francis to confer ministries on lay men and women for the first time
(21/1/2022) Pope Francis' message to victims of volcanic eruption: “It's hard, but don't give up”
(20/1/2022) St Irenaeus a step closer to being declared a Doctor of the Church
(20/1/2022) Abbot of Saint Pierre, the 18th century priest who made first blueprints for the EU
(19/1/2022) Pope Francis consoles parents who lost two daughters in car accident
(19/1/2020) Pope Francis explains God's love through the model of St Joseph
(18/1/2022) Card Parolin and Abp Peña Parra test positive for COVID 19
(18/1/2022) Cardinal Maradiaga We are in a new stage of the pontificate, not at the end
(17/1/2022) Pope Francis meets with president of Bosnia, a country still divided decades after civil wa
(17/1/2022) Pope Francis prays for victims of flooding in Brazil
(16/1/2022) Private papal chapel next to Holy Stairs restored to their original colors
(16/1/2022) 20 Pope Francis asks to greet Trinitarian priests at his General Audience
(15/1/2022) Pope Francis will celebrate the Word of God Sunday on Sunday the 23rd
(14/1/2022) Pope Francis writes to the journalist who recorded him leaving a record store
(13/1/2022) Pope Francis on becoming a better father: Learn when to step back in parenting
(13/1/2022) Pope Francis: Synodality is not simply debating and discussing ideas
(12/1/2022) Record store surprised by Pope Francis' visit “He's an old customer of ours”
(12/1/2022) Pope Francis prays for the unemployed and exploited workers
(11/1/2022) British Ambassador to the Vatican: Pope's message on vaccines “really powerful”
(11/1/2022) Pope Francis visits record store
(10/1/2022) Pope Francis baptizes 16 babies, asks parents to raise them "in the light of the faith"
(10/1/2022) Pope Francis warns diplomats against “cancel culture”
(9/1/2022) Residence of the popes for nearly one thousand years now open to the public
(9/1/2022) Jérôme Lejeune, the doctor who fought to defend those with Down Syndrome
(8/1/2022) Pope Francis to baptize newborns in the Sistine Chapel
(7/1/2022) Pope Francis on Epiphany: Faith must not be stuck in a “dead language”
(6/1/2022) Families travel to Rome with 11 children to meet Pope Francis
(6/1/2022) A book about modern superstitions that started as Catholic traditions
(5/1/2022) Pope Francis saddened that many couples would rather have pets than children
(5/1/2022) Pope Francis reflects on meaning of parenthood through figure of St Joseph
(4/1/2022) Religious discrimination and persecution – The Pope Video 01 – January 2022
(4/1/2022) Pope Francis for World Day of the Sick: Do not forget those suffering in solitude
(3/1/2022) Pope Francis Be sincere with God, invite him into our “inner stables”
(3/1/2022) In first Mass of the year, Pope Francis condemns violence against women
(2/1/2022) Dubai Expo: Holy See Pavilion displays unique Muslim manuscript
(2/1/2022) Ten cardinals will lose conclave voting rights in 2022
(1/1/2022) From papal trips to new cardinals, events to look out for in 2022